Sunday, June 6, 2010

Warning: Not Safe For Life

Meet Linda Moore. Linda Moore is 56. Linda Moore has lost her fucking mind.

I get it. Twilight is epic for little girls and old biddies. But really? When Linda's husband told his wife that she could not redecorate their bedroom, Linda decided to fuck up her guest room instead. Linda told PEOPLE (The magazine. Not the imaginary ones in her head) that "Everyone who has seen my Twilight room either loves it or thinks I'm crazy." Well no shit.

This room must be a panty creamer for all those Twitards out there. If I was this obsessed, I see now what I would want to strive for.  Let's be honest, the bitch got some good taste. Its not a terribly horrible looking room. Aside from the life size cutout (Which Linda probably humps in her free time), the overall color scheme and furnishings are quaint. I'm a sucker for themes.

When she's not servicing Cardboard Edward's front butt, she's most likely cutting out K. Stewart's face from Twilight posters and replacing it with her's. Not a terrible role model. This is exactly what I strive to be after all; a fucking psycho. Thank you Linda Moore. May you one day realize that a Twilight room was a fucking stoopid idea when you were piss drunk.

Source via ONTD

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