Saturday, June 5, 2010

Asshole Of The Day

Today's award goes to one Bethenny Frankel for saying that childbirth was 'less painful' than dealing with Kelly Bensimon on the Housewives' trip to St. John's. Bethenny and Kelly are both members of the Real Houswives of New York cast and pretty much would like to kick each other in the fupa. Bethenny Frankelstein went on record saying:  
"By far St. [John's was worse] and I'm not just saying it for effect," Frankel tells the press on a call Thursday (June 3) to promote her new show "Bethenny Getting Married?" "The C-section was less painful to me than Kelly. It was horrendous. Horrendous."
During this trip, Frankel, along with fellow cast members, Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, and Sonja Morgan all decided that Kelly was having a nervous breakdown and that they were tired of dealing with her crap. Kelly later decided to film a anti-bullying PSA. Because bullying is no bueno.

Yeah, okay. Its not like Frankelstein really pushed a baby out of her chalupa hole. Someone stabbed her in the stomach and pulled the damn thing out. And there's not fucking way she was on pain killers. NO WAY. Whatever. I'm over this damn show. I'm packing up my tomato sauce and dried pasta and moving to New Joyzee. Have fun on your new damn show Frankelstein.


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