Sunday, June 6, 2010

Asshole of the Day

Today was a pretty slow news day. So I picked this bitch.

This is Pastor Doctor Professional Asshole Martin Ssempa and his intense Ugandan hate speech against the homos.  The video is pretty much NSFW. Click below to see this video in all its caca covered glory (hole).

He has researched what these homos do in their spare time. Acts include eating da poo poo, smelling each other, and smearing da poo poo. Yeah okay. I'm pretty sure that after this sermon or whatever the fuck this cult is, everyone in the room got a little hard. You know, any good Ugandan husband should first lick off his wife's poo poo from her caca hole as a general mating ritual. Otherwise, wtf is the point?

Anyway, this video is semi-recent. Its been around the block a few times and probably has poo poo stains all over its fucking face. I for one am not into this kind of thing. Obviously this Pastor Doctor didn't do enough research, because I prefer to lay under a glass table and wait for someone to "poo poo" all over my face.

I'm a lady, vagina wipe.

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