Friday, June 4, 2010

Asshole Of The Day

Urban Outfitters, the brand that I really don't understand (seriously. WHAT are they?), and their creative team of dumb bimbos and magical anorexic unicorns decided to pull this masterpiece out of their ass. It promotes anorexia, blah blah. Yeah. Whatever.

I don't need another fucking way for skinny assholes to tell me what to do. I GET IT. As a big fuck you, I should wear this shirt and sit in front of the store with a bucket of Church's Chicken and get to work on that bitch. But I'm too elegant and classy to do such a thing. So I'll just lay on my bathroom floor while "All By Myself" is playing in the background and do the same thing. Thanks Urb-itch Outfitters. THANKS.

EDIT: Urbitch decided to pull this shit off their website after word got out of the possible message of anorexia. Boo hoo. Don't worry. You can still purchase yours at Urban brick and mortar stores. But its only available in large sizes. Go figure.

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